Lawson 91” Flared Arms Sleeper Rosalind Wheeler

Procedure and procedure is leaving people with zero flared arms sleeper time for innovative considering or valuable perform within organizations. Stuck in the land of status quo, we’ve forgotten how to consider and are trapped among complexity and complacency. This session will function innovative girls who are pushing the boundaries nowadays and possessing accomplishment. Sharing their individual stories, attendees will discover how to:

  • Establish a climate that embraces wise danger and invites sustainable development
  • Recognize and eradicate barriers to progressive considering and
  • Acquire confidence to push the limits.

With a blend of inspiration and practical tools, attendees will be armed to start out a revolution that awakens Rosalind Wheeler the capability for oneself and other people to feel, innovate, develop and push the boundaries to challenge convention and achieve accomplishment.

Thought Leader: Lisa Bodell, globally recognized innovation leader and futurist, founder and CEO, futurethink, and author, Innovation Revolution

Stephanie Lampkin, creator, Blendoor
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Carolyn Muise, vice president, chief consumer officer, voice of the consumer analytics &amp intelligence, Dell
Laura Orvidas, vice president, customer electronics, Amazon

Emcee: Barb Vlacich, vice president, international sales operations, Kronos Incorporated


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