We found that webmasters are somewhat like auto mechanics! It's not that they are inherently dishonest...they just know what they know, and you don't! Like instruction manual writers, they don't always communicate in "layman's English". We had need for a web-based media player to stream our live radio broadcast and looked all over Texas to find a web-builder who'd take the challenge. When we found one, his reservations about the job made it more costly for us and it made him more hesitant to work on the project, which was already time sensitive. After he built the basic site...we studied HTML and re-built and maintain it as it appears now. We also went on to build this and other sites. We are radio people who've learned and are learning HTML. We understand PEOPLE...we are practicing HTML. This is a NEW and ever changing media. We share your excitement and are dedicated to making your hopes and dreams become reality.

Sally & I own and operate a 24/7 Heritage Country Music, Internet radio station from Hale Center, Texas. We've been in radio together for over 20 years starting in Dallas in '92 with the creation of Right-Turn Radio, Inc. - a national syndication and production company that we later sold to Dick Clark's USRN in '97. We still produce "The American Christian Music Revue" (hosted by Linda O'Brian of Ft. Worth) for USRN. Join us anytime at: BigDawgOnline.com.  Chances are we are working on a website while playing and enjoying the songs. Can we play something for you...while we build YOU a website?
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