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We do all web-related, creative "In-House". For some reason when most of us have needed a site built, or a little maintenance done...the "WEB-MASTER" receives our requisition - places it in que and strangely in the past...we've been thrilled weeks or months later to see the results! No more!

We can build a complete website with just about any features you can imagine, from Streaming data to Audio/Video and daily rotating content...and usually complete the work in a week or less! It's a website - not a hi-rise! Oh, and we're not "web-masters"...just the folks that keep your website looking and working great!

Provided here are logos and links to some of our projects. It's all done right here at WBI-Hale Center and we believe we can provide anything you can get anywhere else...without the mystic! Puruse, Make yourself at home...and pay no attention to the man behind the curtian (It may be Terry changing clothes anyway!)
Hale Center's Online Newspaper
Exquisite Gift Store
Paul Waller Garage - Plainview

Some of our "Single-Page" Web-Sites include: First United Methodist Church:, The Owls Cafe:,  Five Star Hair Cutz:
Email us for more info at: We'll get right back with ya!

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